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Dienstag, April 05, 2011

Only In Berlin: Marketing For Youngsters

Pic: Danilo Rizzuti

I'm in Mauerpark in Berlin looking up to a climbing wall.

Suddenly there's a voice coming from below: "Would you like to buy some sweets?".

Looking down I see a young boy or girl standing right in front of me, maybe 6 or 7 years old.

There is nothing in his hands, nor anybody near him. He's totally alone with no sweets in sight.

Me: "Ah, thanx, but I'm jogging here, I have no money with me."

The boygirl looks a bit saddened, so to cheer him up a bit:

Me: "But show me what you are offering, when I'm finished running maybe I will come back and buy something."

BoyGirl: "I cannot show you. It's not here. It's a candy-shop I opened in the backyard with my friend. We want to make some money. It's in XYZ-Straße 75 in the backyard. You can see the sweets there".

This is quite a bit away from where we are right now.

Me: "Oh I see, ok, maybe I will come by later and check it out."

BoyGirl: "If you come by, we would really, really, really appreciate it very, very much. Because so far we haven't had any customers. You would be the first one."

Having said this, he is rushing into nowhere.